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Domain redemption grace period

Understanding the Domain Redemption Grace Period

When managing a domain, it’s essential to understand the various stages it goes through and the opportunities to recover a domain if it expires. This guide will explain the Domain Redemption Grace Period and other related concepts to help you maintain control over your domain names.

Domain Life Cycle

The life cycle of a domain typically includes the following stages:

Domain Registration and Renewal Period

This is the initial phase where you register a domain name for a specific period, usually 1-10 years. You need to renew the registration before it expires to keep the domain active.

Auto-Renew Grace Period

RockyNordic offers an auto-renew grace period after the domain expires. During this time, the domain can still be renewed without extra fees, usually lasting up to 45 days.

Redemption Grace Period

If the domain is not renewed during the auto-renew grace period, it enters the redemption grace period. This stage generally lasts 30 days and allows the original owner to redeem the domain with a redemption fee.

Pending Delete Period

After the redemption grace period, if the domain is still not redeemed, it moves to the pending delete period. This stage lasts about 5 days, after which the domain is deleted from the registry and becomes available for new registration.

Detailed Breakdown

Domain Registration and Renewal Period
  • Duration: 1-10 years, based on the registration term chosen.
  • Action: Renew the domain before it expires to avoid additional fees or losing the domain.
Auto-Renew Grace Period
  • Duration: Up to 45 days after expiration.
  • Action: Renew the domain during this period to retain ownership without incurring additional fees.
Redemption Grace Period
  • Duration: 30 days after the auto-renew grace period ends.
  • Action: Pay the domain redemption fee and renew the domain to regain ownership.
Pending Delete Period
  • Duration: 5 days.
  • Action: No action can be taken during this period; the domain will be deleted and become available for registration by others once the period ends.

Domain Redemption Fee

The domain redemption fee is an additional cost imposed by registrars during the redemption grace period. This fee covers the administrative effort to restore the domain from the redemption status. The fee varies by registrar but is generally higher than standard renewal fees. RockyNordic offers the most cost-effective domain redemption fee. To know your domain’s redemption fee, please email us at 

If you register your domain with RockyNordic, renewing your domain is easy. We’ll send you reminders when it’s time to renew. Or, our system can automatically renew your domain name for you.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us via Chat or mail at

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